New YouTube Channel!

Hey There!

So i’ve been gone for the past few days because i’ve been setting up my new YouTube channel, along with filming and editing my first video! Today i’m going to film a collective haul from the past few months and i will upload it next Sunday. I also will be filming and editing a video everyday next week. I’m doing this because i’ll then have videos for my channel for 6-7 weeks when school goes back. Also, i have all week 2 off next term because there’s a camp and i wont be attending. The camp actually goes for 3 days and 2 nights but that Monday is some holiday in Australia or my State and then theres no point going Tuesday because we won’t be doing anything. This means that i’ll have videos for the next 3 Months! I’m so pumped and motivated to kick off my new channel. If you were previously subscribed to Caitlin Maree please go and subscribe to BeautyBBee.


In this video i explain why i restarted and tell you quite a bit about me. If you want me to do a Q&A or have any requested videos, please comment them below.

Have a good day!

-Caitlin Maree /BeautyBBee

Anxiety – Expanding your Comfort Zone & Social Anxiety

Hey There!

So today was the second time i went to see my therapist for my stress and anxiety. If you’re new here then please read my previous posts from my ”Anxiety” tab.

So the lesson basically was about expanding your comfort zone. She described it as ”You have a meter, one end is extreme the middle is uncomfortable and the end is comfortable”. Currently i’m in the uncomfortable to extreme, yay me…

The best way to make that comfort zone expand slowly is to do things naturally. Don’t force yourself to breath slowly and hum for a certain amount of seconds, timing is something that drives anxiety and in the two exercises she’s given me she’s told me to do everything in my own speed.

She’s told me to do several things:

  • Ride my bike, for however long i want. She said for not to time myself or say how long i  must ride for, but do it naturally and for as long as i want. Basically, be a free spirit and go with the wind ❤
  • Go to the mall and wear sunglasses, this is for my social anxiety more so. She said to me, ”go to your local mall and sit outside and wear your sunnies, notice how people will glance at you and look at you, but not stare or care. It’s normal for people to look or glance and you’ll find that within this exercise. But what you’ll find, is not what your expecting, no-one will stare or look at you for more then 5 seconds”. If you are suffering from social anxiety, i personally think this exercise would be great ❤

She also said:

Eat something you don’t particularly like, eg for me it’s water with juice, (it just tastes so weird!). Gradually, add more and more water, you start off with a quarter of a cup and then move to half etc.  Over time your comfort zone will expand and you will slowly get use to the taste, this is your comfort zone expanding, this is your brain telling you that you can deal with it and you’re use to it. If you apply this to several other things it makes sense.

Example: School

You need to push yourself, tell yourself ”you are fine” ”you’ve got this” ”you’ve done this before” ”it’s achievable” and positive words. You’d be surprised how well this works. I’m going to apply this for when i’m at school and i’m feeling light headed. Keep pushing yourself to walk and continue to get through the day, if you/ I start to panic ask to take a walk or go to sickbay. I usually doodle small drawings or tap in time to a tempo and tell myself that theres not long till schools over and i can go back to my comfortable bed and computer. I also message my mum, and if i feel like i’m able to fall over and i’m seeing white or feel like i could be sick, i go to sickbay. Though this hasnt’ happened for probably 4-5 weeks, which is great!

That’s all i’ve got to tell you guys today, but, i hope it’s helped or even given you the confidence to try. ALSO, i decided i waned to do a Q&A on here so please ASK QUESTIONS BELOW ❤

Email me on if you need to talk

– Caitlin xo

A Little Message (& starting my blog up again for good!)

Hi There!

So no i haven’t abandoned my blog… it’s just not my blog I’ve had a break from. And believe me, it kills me to not post on my blog, it’s like, my baby. I enjoy blogging so so much and i find it so so fun! I am here to tell you all why i have been gone another 5 months. Also 2 months away from youtube and on and off on Instagram.

Reason 1:

Ok so the first reason is school.

Last term was the most stressful term so far this year (currently week 2 of my last term and will have no assignments only tests). Last term everything was assignments given at the same time due at the same time, SUCH A MESS 😦 Last term didn’t work out for me and because of my stress I believe that my grades weren’t as good as term 1 and 2. This term, I feel different. I’m ready for all those nasty tests and I’m currently working on my ”Top 5 Dark Nude Lip Products” video, (literally as i type). So yay, I’m bringing back youtube! I also have a HUGGGGGEEEE Lush haul going up probably mid way through November as i still am going to go to Lush a few more times. I will be hauling over 25 products!

Reason 2:

Ok… I have been seriously sick.

Because of stress my anxiety and depression levels last term everything went wrong, I felt so alone, i cried myself to sleep, I would pull at my hair  – face, scream… it was horrible but not only did my anxiety and depression get in my way, i had been sick for 6 months. March to August. I am now better and have fully recovered ready for the best Christmas season ever!

That about sums it up.

a few reasons as to why I’ve been away. Stay tuned for upcoming posts in the upcoming months!

I Love You xo Mwha

-Caitlin Maree

Christmas Q&A | CaiitlinMaree

Hey There!

In today’s blog post i firstly want to say  i’m so very sorry for not posting as regularly as i did when i first started blogging. I see blogging as a hobby and Youtube as a hobby/ chore and YouTube is making me so super busy right now. I have so many videos to go up and my schedule has come to a holt since we lost internet for one whole day (the internet went down and the motor thingy died completely so this has put back my schedule (i am still going to try and get all the videos i want up, up). My DIY video is hopefully going to go up tonight or tomorrow morning or even tomorrow night (i still have to do the voice over and add music, adjust lighting and everything basically) meaning all day i’m editing.

christmas Q&A.jpg

Since we got our internet back I posted this video last night basically i asked you guys to ask me some Christmassy questions and i got around 9, so it’s pretty small.

But i now want you guys to ask me anything about Christmas here on my blog! I will answer all questions (i will get back to you within today) xx

So that puts and end to this blog post. Again I’m very sorry ❤

If you have any other questions beside Christmas questions just ask about them too! ❤

Caitlin xo