A Healthy Treat Idea! (Instagram worthy!)

Hey There!

In this blog post i’m going to be showing you how to make this yummy treat. (It’s super easy to make you practically don’t need me even to blog about it!). But it’s Instagram worthy which is why i’m posting it 🙂

What You’ll Need:


-Fruits of your choice




The fruit i picked were




So before i go into telling you all about this yummy snack i just wanted to mention, before eating this snack i didn’t like blueberries. Now since eating this i’ve grown fonder of them. The reason i didn’t and partially still don’t like blueberries is the texture of the skin. I don’t know what it is about it but just… no. So eating this with other fruits i love and also custard just makes them 100% better! It’s also great i know nearly 100% like them because blueberries have a lot of health benefits and also has a bunch of antioxidants! So i really do recommend you try something you don’t like with something you love! ❤ And after hopefully you will like it 10x more!


  1. Pick what fruits you want use! (Surprisingly rockmelon works well with custard!)
  2. Get either yogurt or custard for your liquid base… or if you don’t want this to be a healthy treat ice cream, hehe
  3. Now once you have chosen your fruits, chop then up into pieces/ slices if needed.
  4. Put your liquid product into your bowl.
  5. Then for a Instagram worthy picture place your fruit in a neat pattern (obviously if wanted).
  6. Then Enjoy… and maybe take a Instagram picture! ❤



Your results will turn out something like this! /\

I totally think this snack is Instagram worthy and that a lot of you will love it! And of course it you are Lactose Intolerant choose your liquid base that is Lactose free! ❤

If you guys have anything you want me to make or try just tell me in the comments! ❤

Hope you enjoyed my blog post!

Caitlin xo

Decorating for Christmas | CaiitlinMaree

Hey There!

So in todays blog post i’m going to be talking about Christmas, more specifically decorating. Decorating for Christmas is simply one of my favourite things to do with Christmas. It brings so much colour and spirit to my room and creates either a really cute and cosy feeling or a really sleek and photogenic feel.










I’m firstly going to start with shelves. For me decorating shelves is just so hard, i find it so hard to decorate shelves jus because i like to group objects together and then having weirdly shaped decorations i just can never figure out how to work them. So what i do now is i get 3-4 decorations (if I’m grouping them) and i’ll have 1 large ornament, 1 medium ornament, and 1-2 small decor items. I feel like this will and does work for me very well.









Now i’m going to move onto my Christmas tree. Obviously i’m not going to tell you how to decorate your tree, because this can hold family memories and just be something that can suit a room by it’s theme. The tree in our lounge room has mostly red, gold and glittery baubles along with random decorations like a peacock…yeah… we have that on the main tree XD And also special memorable decorations from when i was very young (like 3-4). As you can see on the picture above i have (on my personal tree in my room) i have numerous plastic and unique decorations as that what i love.


Now for my last section your duchess/ set of drawers. I’m not going to explain really about how to decorate your bed obviously but my bed is all Christmas cutesy and ‘Australian Summer Christmasy’ so it depends on what you like really. But  as see in the picture above i have very few decor items on my duchess. I don’t feel like i need a ton of decor items on my duchess because i like to keep this furniture item clean and sleek looking. But i do have a few snow globes and some glittery items as seen. I just have these decor items because i wanted something there for display obviously but also for my YouTube and Instagram backgrounds. I base everything on how my duchess and tree are (this is what starts off my decor inspiration. ❤

So that puts this very Christmassy blog post to an end. I really hope you did enjoy this different post, but of course if you want specific Christmas post be sure to comment below what you would like to see.


Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments! x

Caitlin xo


Spring! | CaiitlinMaree

Hey There!

So todays blog post is on SPRING! Spring has to be one of my favourite seasons just because it’s hot enough to go swimming but also because it’s cool occasionally.


 Reasons i LOVE spring:

  • The flowers are amazing during spring they smell and look so beautiful.
  • It’s not too hot and not too cold.
  • Swimming! Spring is the perfect time for swimming because it’s warm to hot but not boiling.
  • The clothes are all bright and ‘summer-y’.
  • You can wear flower crowns/ headbands without looking a bit out of season.
  • Skirts! I myself don’t like to wear skirts but i feel as though spring is the PERFECT because of the heat.time to wear a skirt because of the heat.
  • Playsuits! i will only wear playsuits/ jumpsuits during Spring and Summer because they are loose which helps to cool down during hot weather.
  • I also really enjoy wearing pink, purple, gold and neutral eye shadows during this season. But let’s face it i wear these colours all the time.
  • Now for lipstick! I find that coral lipsticks with gloss over the top looks best during spring. To be honest i don’t know what makes me think this but i guess it’s like i think matte lipsticks work well for Autumn and Winter.

These are the MAIN reasons i loooove Spring! Hope you all are enjoying my blog so far <3.

See you in my next blog post!

Caitlin xo

Essentials for ‘When it’s Hot’ | CaiitlinMaree

Hey there!

So this blog post is going to be about my When it’s hot Essentials. What i mean when i say ‘When it’s hot’ is going to the pool. Now i don’t know about you but during the spring time i love swimming. It makes me feel a lot better in the inside and outside. I’ve always imagined myself as a mermaid since i was little and actually some of my family calls me a fish because i love swimming that much. (Do you see where i get mermaid from?). Anyway another essential is a floral or fresh mists or perfumes


When ever i spray a nice floral scented perfume or mists it makes me feel more awake and happy. I think because it’s so fresh. Now the last item that’s in this picture is a Flower Crown/ Flower Headband. This item is an essential to me because it just adds something. It can completely change a look from something a little laid back to be more fun and enjoyable. By the way these are only just a few entails for ‘When it’s Hot’ i have a TON more :).

See you in my next blog post!

Caitlin xo


Bikini: Both pieces are from Target

Mist: Terry White Chemist

Flower Crown: Big W