Anxiety // How our mind is connected to it

Hey There!

I’m back again to talk about anxiety because i had an appointment with my therapist today and i don’t have another appointment for a month which i’m disappointed about because i won’t have any new news and i feel like i’ll need to see her before then…

Today was a generalising day where she asked how i was going and what i had been doing to help myself.

After she had asked multiple questions she started to talk about basically fixed and open mindsets (simplifying it). I have a fixed mindset which in no doubt is easily figured out. She basically said that anxiety is connected through the way we think (in some parts). We all are alright going upward to our peak but once we hit it and start to have to be independent, our heart rates increase and we start to panic. If we say ”IF” we like to think of ways that we would be able to solve each problem which there is always an answer for, but sometimes, the answer is hard to find. Every equation has a solution. She mentioned about how i could try to write all my ”what if’s” down and write solutions to those. I said that it’d probably increase my anxiety because i always have so many what if’s and questions i want to be solved. Though she did say that it would be a good idea to think of solutions, but, she also said that she hopes that i’m not getting to that point… sorry to disappoint you miss but i’m always like that. She said that i seem to be getting better and i’ll be honest here i think i am very slowly. I’m hardly texting my mum so much anymore about when i do feel my anxiety/ feeling off (when i say that i mean like panicky and light headed).

Somehow we got onto my mums business and that lead to another topic that we talked about for the rest of the session, and in summary it was about options/ choices. She said would i rather work at Kmart or in my mums business (ending up getting $220 for photography) i obviously said my mums business because 1. i get the money before i do the job and i don’t always have a schedule of when the photos would have to be done 2. my mums the boss, sooooo yeahh…. 3. IF i did feel unwell then i know that i’d be going home to COMFORT soon. Whereas Kmart, let’s be honest, they don’t CARE about their employees.

So she then related this to anxiety by then explaining that theres always another alternative/ choice/ option that is available and one option is going to be worse then the other. If we look at the bright side and compare the positives of each option the outlook will be more positive then if we were to compare just the negatives which the human brain automatically does.

Eg. ”your local bookshop pays you $10 an hour vs the clothing shop which pays $15 an hour.  The bookshop is closer to home vs the clothing shop. The clothing shop job has a higher ranking compared to the bookshop.”

Do you see what i mean? We all have choices but if we look at the bright side and apply it to our situation, we can get a better understanding.

I’m going to write what the lady wrote for me to do:

  1. Clearly define the problem.
  2. List all options (go crazy, it doesn’t matter if they don’t all make total sense) AND INCLUDE what you’re currently doing to ”help” the problem.
  3. Weight up the PRO’s and CON’s for each listed option.
  4. Prioritise options but numbering them. Then pick one!
  5. Work out; ”Who, what, when, why and how” etc.
  6. Make the plan.
  7. Do it.
  8. Review it/  see how well you went.

I think this would be a good exercise for me to do at school, because i really would be concentrating on the topics then focusing on how troubled i am, but, before i do it at school i’m going to do it at home because… i’m not too sure how well i could handle all of it.

What i have noticed is that i have expanded my comfort zone. I’m now able to breath and calm myself down some what, whereas that use to freak me out! Also, if i’m feeling off or i can feel my anxiety increase i will hold onto it for as long as i can (expanding the zone) and then go somewhere i feel as ease (comfort).

I hope this has helped some of you!

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-Caitlin Maree


Feeling Better

Hey There!

So today i would say i felt as good as great! Which is not what i’ve been use to haha!I’m honestly so happy that my anxiety didn’t play up today and i overall was calm. Whenever i see my therapist the next week seems to be the best i feel.

I will say though that towards the end of the day, i started to feel uneasy, but overall not bad. Basically, i kept telling myself to expand the comfort zone and reach out and remember to breath out then in.

Yesterday, my therapist also said that it’s better to breath out first then in, this is because your lungs will relax first and breath in new air rather then try and squeeze in the and and breath out. Breath out, then you will feel more relaxed. Imagine the meter bar expanding. 

Also today i had my last test and handed in my last assignment! WHOO school term is nearly over! The assignment was so cringe because it was a informative, skit to do with scams… uh, so cringe! I literally was like crying of laughter, nervousness and hiding under the desk haha! (lil’ immature i know but anyway..)

If you’re a beauty lover, stay tuned in because during this coming weekend i’ll be posting some beauty pictures! I’m sorry to those who prefer beauty over my health posts, heh, but both things are important to me ❤

Also i want to do a Q&A within the next week so please ask some questions. It can be about beauty, youtube, anxiety – anything!

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Feeling Low? You’re Not Alone!

Hey Guys!

As you might be able to tell from my previous post, i’ve been feeling really low lately. It always occurs when i’m at school, i just want to give up fighting and go home, but i know i can’t i need to get an education and i can’t just keep falling into the pit and asking for help and for someone to save me, i need to save myself. I need to try and keep pushing myself even though i’m feeling low and am about to crack.

It’s really hard to keep your head high when you’re feeling low, and sometimes, the best thing to do is take a break, and cry. Let your emotions out and talk to a close someone. Having your feelings pour out, even if they don’t make sense, can sometimes be that one thing that makes you heal. I’ve done this before, and i still do to this day. I still feel like giving up and not pushing on, but i do. Because you know what? I know i’ve felt worse in the past and i know there are people out there that are worse off then me. Even when i’m in sh** up to my knees.

I keep telling myself to push on, to not give up, calm down and to remember who else out there is feeling low, i’m not alone.

I want you to remember not about how you’re feeling when you’re low, but remember when you are happy and were living that great life. Because, if you work hard enough and have patience, there will be rewards. Think about how well your future will be and not about being single or not getting that scholarship. Because there is always going to be a second chance, even if people say there won’t be, if you work hard enough, chances will open up and there you’ll receive your second chance, because if you want it that bad, little openings will appear and you will make those small openings become bigger and achieve your goal.

Keep pushing on, don’t give up and remember the good times!

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