Essence Multi-Action Volume Mascara Dupe For Roller lash?

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In todays blog post i’m going to be talking about the Essence Multi-Action Volume Mascara and Benefits Roller lash! I wanted to talk about these mascaras because they are both my current favourites at the moment. BUT also because they look exactly the same! They don’t really have the same formula but the have the same look, though… the Essence one creates a more natural look whilst Roller lash makes more a ‘spidery’ look.


First off I just want to mention that i put it to the test to 2 of my great friends of picking what eye is highend or from the chemist (drugstore). Both friends had said that actually the drugstore eye looked better and more highnend! And thought it appeared to be better.

I want you guys to pick which eye you think is ‘Highend’ and which one is ‘Drugstore’

Top or Bottom?



I will tell you guys what is what at the end of the BlogPost (don’t skip ahead! <3)

So let’s firstly start of with the Essence (chemist/ drugstore) mascara!


So this is what the Essence wand looks like, i feel that which tiny bristles and there being a lot of them, it helps to separate the lashes a lot and create the more natural look!


Now for RollerLash! I feel like any curved brush will pack on mascara in ways i don’t like how much it puts on as sometimes i feel like it’s just too much, but most of the time i think it’s fine. They lasting power of this mascara is nearly endless i say it lasts 9 hours before even flaking just a tiny bit. As for the price because it is a HighEnd mascara it’s going to be pricey, it is $40 AUS dollars. Super expensive i know! As i said before about how quick this dries, it basically dries instantly, so if you’re one to do their bottom lashes and you look up a but you aren’t going to be mascara over your pretty eyeshadow or lid!

So that comes to the end of this blogpost! I hope you all did like my sort of 1vs1 mascara review! BUT no i haven’t forgotten about the eye pictures. If you picked the top eye for being the highnend mascara you are correct! The bottom eye has the Essence mascara, and the top eye has the Benefit mascara!

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My Favourite Orange/ Coral Lip Products | CaiitlinMaree

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In todays Blog Post i’m going to be talking about my favourite ‘orange to coral lip products’. Coral lip products are one of the 3 colours i wear on a day to day bases and are a colour i will reach for to buy even if i have a similar colour to that product.IMG_0064.jpg

So as seen in the picture above i have go together 3 of my favourite orange to coral lip products.The only ‘Coral’ colour is that Napoleon Perdis lipgloss XD.

The first product i’m going to start off with is a lipstick and it’s the Revlon lip butter in the shade 027 Juicy Papaya. This lip butter lipstick is very moisturising, has great pigmentation, lasts quite a while but not a long time, depending on how many layers you apply of this product you can make a natural coral to a vibrant orange and now lastly for the one con the price. This product is $21 AUS dollars! yeah… expensive.

Now I’m going to move onto the middle product. This product is from Benefit and it is their Cha Cha Balm (which is a lip balm). The great things about this products are; that this item is very moisturising, has a good pigment to is since it is a lip balm, cute packing (always a plus for me 😀 <3). Now for that con the price… well it’s sorta expensive but since this product is a high end item it’s to be expensive. This item is $28 AUS dollars.

Now moving onto the last product which again is a highness item. But the lipgloss is from Napoleon Perdis’s 2015 Christmas gift set. The set is called the ‘Love Gloss’ set and is $59 AUS dollars, but their is also 12 glosses in this set. The shade that is in this picture is called ‘Admire’. To be honest i don’t really like the new formula or Perdis’s glosses :(. To me they aren’t anywhere near as pigmented as his previous glosses and to make matters worse the glosses come with a dou foot applicator (sorry if duo was spelt wrong XD). I think that this makes the glosses look and feel cheap. Though there is a perk to the set $59 for 12 Napoleon Perdis glosses is a great deal… though the sample size is very small.There is 0.7ml’s or 0.02 fl oz which is hardly anything. Thinking back i don’t think i would pick this set up again if i had the choice. I totally think it’s not worth and don’t suggest picking this up. Though they are pretty moisturising but in my opinion that’s all that’s good about them. They also come of super quick since they aren’t thick like they use to be.<3

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Benefit Pretty Party | CaiitlinMaree

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So first off i am so lacking my blog posting game. I’m so sorry for not posting for long periods of time. I didn’t forget about my blog though i just have been doing my morning schedule differently as of late and it’s thrown me off with my blog posting schedule. ❤

Anyway in today’s blog post i’m going to be talking about Benefits Pretty Party. Now i’m not sure on all the details as i won a competition to get to go to a special pretty party along with some BIG bloggers and i got to meet Maddie’s Lifestyle her YouTube is linked here. That picture is posted on my Instagram which is linked here.

All i’m going to be doing in this blog post is basically talking about the high end and well known brand Benefit. Below are some pictures from when i went to the Benefit Pretty Party.


Here above is all their blushes, lip glosses, tints, bronzer, balms and highlights. ❤


Here above is all their powders and foundations. ❤


Here above again is all their tints and highlights but in their boxes. ❤


Here above is their famous They’re Real mascara and eyeliner set along with their Puff Off eye gel cream that helps decrease the puffiness of eyes (under your eyes). ❤

So that officially puts this blog post to an end. Though do expect to see in the future more Benefit posts. ❤

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments! x

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