My art work (School gallery night) Lino printing

Hey There!

Hey there my friends, today i will be showing you my ”Lino printing” that was put up in my school art gallery as well as for tonights gallery ”exhibition”. Term 1 and 2 in art this year, along with a petri dish full of decorative items that described us, we did a painting with symbols and pictures that are memorable as well as representing an element in us. But, my favourite piece out of the three is totally this. I really just love the black sleek oil printed onto this canvas? Paper. Just the effect is so nice! This was my first time sing carving tools as well as ”Lino” so i did make a few jagged mistakes in my artwork. But, lucky for me there is quite a bit of texturing so it really isn’t that noticeable. 🙂 And i am proud to say that all the white space within the art (well, obviously is carved but) I was the student to have carved the most ”Lino”, (I even had to take it home the night before it was due because I hadn’t finished yet!).

Anyway, the picture below tells the story of me at the beach posing for the camera. Now, this memory is important to me because i hadn’t been to the beach for probably 2-3 years before with my mum. I carved birds (they’re meant to be seagulls), a boat which I saw multiple of on the horizon, a palm tree (again there was multiple but i just carved one), I then carved the waves/ ocean, the sand, a camera because, hello photography is a must on the beach and a hibiscuss (which is a type of flower) and to be honest i don’t have much of an idea why i carved this, it just needed something else and I guess i thought ”why not a flower?”.


Now, I thought I would share with you my friends ”Lino” as well as my favourite piece. Just saying though, I don’t know if i have permission to do this but both girls I’m sure was be very happy for me to post about their work.

First, my friends ”Lino” Obviously I won’t share her full name but, her first name is Maddy (Madison). Again, the story behind her ”Lino” is so meaningful and personal to her, so I defiantly won’t share the true meaning behind it but, I guess an overall idea is Sadness and Misery.


Now this next one (along with my friends ”Lino”) is my favourite! I don’t know how to pronounce her name but honestly this piece though! A-MAZ-ING! The detail leaves me is aw… Sadly, I don’t know the meaning towards hers but I think it’s possibly about moving to Australia.


So that pretty much wraps up this blog post. It’s a record for me, I’ve been typing for 20-25 minutes 🙂 Though, I’ve really enjoyed blogging this post as it is something I was looking forward too! If i don’t have permission to posting the other prints i will remove both pictures off my blog.  If you have any other blog post recommendations, i would love to hear them.

I’m thinking about blogging my everyday makeup routine and describing what each product does for me. Let me know through any media sites if you think its a good idea ❤

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments!

– Caitlin Maree xo

A Little Message (& starting my blog up again for good!)

Hi There!

So no i haven’t abandoned my blog… it’s just not my blog I’ve had a break from. And believe me, it kills me to not post on my blog, it’s like, my baby. I enjoy blogging so so much and i find it so so fun! I am here to tell you all why i have been gone another 5 months. Also 2 months away from youtube and on and off on Instagram.

Reason 1:

Ok so the first reason is school.

Last term was the most stressful term so far this year (currently week 2 of my last term and will have no assignments only tests). Last term everything was assignments given at the same time due at the same time, SUCH A MESS 😦 Last term didn’t work out for me and because of my stress I believe that my grades weren’t as good as term 1 and 2. This term, I feel different. I’m ready for all those nasty tests and I’m currently working on my ”Top 5 Dark Nude Lip Products” video, (literally as i type). So yay, I’m bringing back youtube! I also have a HUGGGGGEEEE Lush haul going up probably mid way through November as i still am going to go to Lush a few more times. I will be hauling over 25 products!

Reason 2:

Ok… I have been seriously sick.

Because of stress my anxiety and depression levels last term everything went wrong, I felt so alone, i cried myself to sleep, I would pull at my hair  – face, scream… it was horrible but not only did my anxiety and depression get in my way, i had been sick for 6 months. March to August. I am now better and have fully recovered ready for the best Christmas season ever!

That about sums it up.

a few reasons as to why I’ve been away. Stay tuned for upcoming posts in the upcoming months!

I Love You xo Mwha

-Caitlin Maree

Copper Eyeshadow Look // Maybelline Hyper-Diamonds palette

Hey There!

So in todays blog post i’m going to be showing you my most recent eye look i created. Which is really just a copper eye look, which i know copper is currently in trend now ❤


This is the palette i’m talking about. It’s in the shade BR-1 and as you can see has several different shades/ tints of copper, coral and gold. First off i don’t really need to do swatches because the colour and pigmentation you see here is totally what you get! You get the exact colour!

Now i’m going to talk about how i achieved this look, i’m talking brushes and all.


So firstly i took this peachy golden coral colour and patted that onto my eyelid as my base with my Napoleon Perdis SET eyeshadow brush.


I then went and moved onto my transition colour that i also with on my outer corner just a tiny bit. Which is this Purple plum type colour. Also guys all these shadows are super glittery and shimmery! The gold shade even has specks of chunky glitter! ooh!


Then for all over my lid i used this really true copper shade which is what really brought this look to life! i used my Naploeon Perdis SET eyeshadow/ eye definer duo brush. And for this i used a patting technique again.


Then moving onto my brow bone. I used this white to off white cream colour. The brush i used was the Real Techniques eyeshadow brush once again.

And then i might’ve used that bottom gold colour but uh i don’t think i did.


This whole time i was doing my eyeshadow with pieces of tape at the sides of my eyes to 1. keep this look neat and 2. to add a sharp edge.


I then went onto using my Benefit Roller Lash mascara and coated my top and bottom lashes. And also added that true copper and plum colour under my bottom lashes.

And yes that is the completed look! Tell me in the comments if you have created something similar yourself or if you will pick up this palette!

Caitlin xo

Essence Multi-Action Volume Mascara Dupe For Roller lash?

Hey There!

In todays blog post i’m going to be talking about the Essence Multi-Action Volume Mascara and Benefits Roller lash! I wanted to talk about these mascaras because they are both my current favourites at the moment. BUT also because they look exactly the same! They don’t really have the same formula but the have the same look, though… the Essence one creates a more natural look whilst Roller lash makes more a ‘spidery’ look.


First off I just want to mention that i put it to the test to 2 of my great friends of picking what eye is highend or from the chemist (drugstore). Both friends had said that actually the drugstore eye looked better and more highnend! And thought it appeared to be better.

I want you guys to pick which eye you think is ‘Highend’ and which one is ‘Drugstore’

Top or Bottom?



I will tell you guys what is what at the end of the BlogPost (don’t skip ahead! <3)

So let’s firstly start of with the Essence (chemist/ drugstore) mascara!


So this is what the Essence wand looks like, i feel that which tiny bristles and there being a lot of them, it helps to separate the lashes a lot and create the more natural look!


Now for RollerLash! I feel like any curved brush will pack on mascara in ways i don’t like how much it puts on as sometimes i feel like it’s just too much, but most of the time i think it’s fine. They lasting power of this mascara is nearly endless i say it lasts 9 hours before even flaking just a tiny bit. As for the price because it is a HighEnd mascara it’s going to be pricey, it is $40 AUS dollars. Super expensive i know! As i said before about how quick this dries, it basically dries instantly, so if you’re one to do their bottom lashes and you look up a but you aren’t going to be mascara over your pretty eyeshadow or lid!

So that comes to the end of this blogpost! I hope you all did like my sort of 1vs1 mascara review! BUT no i haven’t forgotten about the eye pictures. If you picked the top eye for being the highnend mascara you are correct! The bottom eye has the Essence mascara, and the top eye has the Benefit mascara!

Caitlin xo

MAC Lipstick Collection

Hey There!

In todays blog post i’m going to be sharing with you all my tiny MAC lipstick collection. 2 out of the 3 lipsticks are mine (one is my mums). I basically and going to be blogging about which ones my favourite, the formula etc.


The lipsticks shown above are the ones i own. (Left to right), ‘Peach Blossom’, ‘Flamingo’ and ‘Pink Nouveau’ (my mums).

I’ll start with which one is my favourite. My favourite lipstick is ‘Peach Blossom’, it also is my most sued lipstick and my very first MAC one! The formula of this lipstick is a CreamSheen meaning is very moisturising and also glossy yet pigmented. A picture of ‘Peach Blossom’ is down below.


Now moving onto my second favourite ‘Flamingo’. It is a very nice formula that’s shear and glossy but still as you know pigmented. This lipstick is a Lustre formula which is the glossy, shear type. A picture of ‘Flamingo’ is down below.


Now i;m going to move onto my Mums lipstick. My least favourite too! hehe This is ‘Pink Nouveau’ which is a Satin finish/ formula. Which i don’t really like… It’s not a formula i would really pick up and since it’s actually my mums i can’t say anything really because i’ve tried it once and the colour looked horrible on me and my teeth looked yellow. A picture of ‘Pink Nouveau’ is below.IMG_0410.jpg

So that comes to the end of my mini MAC lipstick collection ❤

I hope you all like this blog post! ❤

Caitlin xo

A Healthy Treat Idea! (Instagram worthy!)

Hey There!

In this blog post i’m going to be showing you how to make this yummy treat. (It’s super easy to make you practically don’t need me even to blog about it!). But it’s Instagram worthy which is why i’m posting it 🙂

What You’ll Need:


-Fruits of your choice




The fruit i picked were




So before i go into telling you all about this yummy snack i just wanted to mention, before eating this snack i didn’t like blueberries. Now since eating this i’ve grown fonder of them. The reason i didn’t and partially still don’t like blueberries is the texture of the skin. I don’t know what it is about it but just… no. So eating this with other fruits i love and also custard just makes them 100% better! It’s also great i know nearly 100% like them because blueberries have a lot of health benefits and also has a bunch of antioxidants! So i really do recommend you try something you don’t like with something you love! ❤ And after hopefully you will like it 10x more!


  1. Pick what fruits you want use! (Surprisingly rockmelon works well with custard!)
  2. Get either yogurt or custard for your liquid base… or if you don’t want this to be a healthy treat ice cream, hehe
  3. Now once you have chosen your fruits, chop then up into pieces/ slices if needed.
  4. Put your liquid product into your bowl.
  5. Then for a Instagram worthy picture place your fruit in a neat pattern (obviously if wanted).
  6. Then Enjoy… and maybe take a Instagram picture! ❤



Your results will turn out something like this! /\

I totally think this snack is Instagram worthy and that a lot of you will love it! And of course it you are Lactose Intolerant choose your liquid base that is Lactose free! ❤

If you guys have anything you want me to make or try just tell me in the comments! ❤

Hope you enjoyed my blog post!

Caitlin xo

Rant? Expressing feelings? (Social Media) <3

Hey There!

So. I don’t know wether to call these a rant or a big old post of feelings to do with social media?.. Anyway. So i’m just going to be talking about a bunch of subjects, yes a bunch.

  1. Bullying

Yes, bulling. This happens all too much in todays society. And honestly it needs to stop quite a bit today. Now i can’t work magic or do anything to help this situation around the world but but say this, ‘What Is The Point?’ ‘What Good Are You Getting Out Of It?’ ‘Why?’. Why does one feel the need to bully (constructive criticism is totally different)! You’re just being rude, selfish and stupid! Let people be who ever they want, they are unique and God made us that way TO BE YOU AND UNIQUE! So go put the pink afro wig on, where blue lipstick with red and purple eyeshadow, wear heels with 3/4 shorts BE YOU! DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN AWESOME WAY! ❤

2. Copying and Stealing

Now this comes in different forms of… ways. Through pictures to drawings to essays and to your Instagram theme! I have experienced way too many times people taking my Instagram pictures, blurring my watermark out which but the way is/potentially is illegal!  I’ve also seen people be impersinated and have their account hacked again was too many times! *Sighs*

3. Hobbies feeling like chores (related to me)

I just feel as though doing YouTube and being a blogger is becoming a job/ chore and i don’t want it to become that and feel anymore like it does. It does make me sad because then i question is all this just for nothing? Am I not right to be doing this? Do I want something completely different in my life. But then it scares me to think if i quit i might miss a huge opportunity in my life to become something amazing. So i keep going ❤ Until June i will try to do a video every week or at least 3 videos a week. But when June comes i’m thinking of just 2 videos per month which hurts because i want to seem in my channel 1 video every week *again sighs* But maybe 3 i think 3 would be good but when Christmas comes around there will be 4+ ❤ of course


Instagram (related to me again)

I feel happier to take Nature pictures and pictures of my dogs and OOTDS then sometimes makeup. I think by Wednesday i will make a full photography account where each Saturday and Sunday i will post 1-2 pictures. (When i finish year 12 i’m boing to go travel the world for 1 or possibly 2 years).  I am straight away going to go to Borra Borra then when it’s  Summer in England i’ll go there and then i will go anywhere else i want. ❤ This makes me happy most of all! ❤

5. My expectations/ dreams?

So what i plan is whilst i’m in year 10 i’ll try and get into the makeup industry and become a professional makeup artist by the age of 17-18 then i will work in that career and then when i’m 20, i will get a certificate in photography and become a professional in photography. Once i have managed that by the age of 26 i would like to be in the magazine industry and travel the world to take pictures of places and outfits (both for my Instagram and magazines). Yes, my expectations are high for myself, yes the magazine industry is hard to get into but hopefully with both those certificates/ jobs and (give and take a few other things i have to do) i will get where i want to be. Also it has been a dream of mine since i was little to be able to do a clothing line so hopefully i will be able to do that before 30 preferably 26. I basically have my whole life planned out but i do prefer photography over makeup…. ARGJRBGIG some might say that-I don’t know. Even if i don’t 100% enjoy doing makeup it will get me further to my goal and where i want to be, it also could come in handy. ❤

That’s basically all of it ❤ I might do a Part 2 in the coming future i’m not sure  let me know if you have anything you want me to talk about though obviously not too personal ❤

Caitlin xo