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Hey There!

So todays blog post is going to be very short, very short as in under 300 words x. What i’m going to be talking about today is basically YouTube and my Instagram update, if you want to check out my Instagram click here.


So in the picture above i recently book a weekly planner (on top) and a beautiful pink, white and golden notebook in which it says ‘Let’s Move To Paris’. Seeing this is made me want to pick it up as to all the tourist attacks at the moment in Paris.

So basically I posted this picture on Instagram and said in it that i am going to be making my account have more flat lays (such as this photo) and more pastel pictures throughout my Instagram. The only pictures i will post flat lays of are 1. stationary and 2. fashion/ fashion inspiration. This will just give my Instagram a bit of a twist every now and again. Also since it’s now December i am going to be posting christmas stuff soon and my Christmas treats video will hopefully be up this Sunday although no promises!  (Sneak peek there) see? It pays to be following my blog 🙂 I am also hoping to have 2 christmas videos every week though there is one week with three uploads!

So that has put this blog post to an end. See? It was so small ❤

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments! x

Caitlin xo


Benefit Pretty Party | CaiitlinMaree

Hey There!

So first off i am so lacking my blog posting game. I’m so sorry for not posting for long periods of time. I didn’t forget about my blog though i just have been doing my morning schedule differently as of late and it’s thrown me off with my blog posting schedule. ❤

Anyway in today’s blog post i’m going to be talking about Benefits Pretty Party. Now i’m not sure on all the details as i won a competition to get to go to a special pretty party along with some BIG bloggers and i got to meet Maddie’s Lifestyle her YouTube is linked here. That picture is posted on my Instagram which is linked here.

All i’m going to be doing in this blog post is basically talking about the high end and well known brand Benefit. Below are some pictures from when i went to the Benefit Pretty Party.


Here above is all their blushes, lip glosses, tints, bronzer, balms and highlights. ❤


Here above is all their powders and foundations. ❤


Here above again is all their tints and highlights but in their boxes. ❤


Here above is their famous They’re Real mascara and eyeliner set along with their Puff Off eye gel cream that helps decrease the puffiness of eyes (under your eyes). ❤

So that officially puts this blog post to an end. Though do expect to see in the future more Benefit posts. ❤

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments! x

Caitlin xo