Copper Eyeshadow Look // Maybelline Hyper-Diamonds palette

Hey There!

So in todays blog post i’m going to be showing you my most recent eye look i created. Which is really just a copper eye look, which i know copper is currently in trend now ❤


This is the palette i’m talking about. It’s in the shade BR-1 and as you can see has several different shades/ tints of copper, coral and gold. First off i don’t really need to do swatches because the colour and pigmentation you see here is totally what you get! You get the exact colour!

Now i’m going to talk about how i achieved this look, i’m talking brushes and all.


So firstly i took this peachy golden coral colour and patted that onto my eyelid as my base with my Napoleon Perdis SET eyeshadow brush.


I then went and moved onto my transition colour that i also with on my outer corner just a tiny bit. Which is this Purple plum type colour. Also guys all these shadows are super glittery and shimmery! The gold shade even has specks of chunky glitter! ooh!


Then for all over my lid i used this really true copper shade which is what really brought this look to life! i used my Naploeon Perdis SET eyeshadow/ eye definer duo brush. And for this i used a patting technique again.


Then moving onto my brow bone. I used this white to off white cream colour. The brush i used was the Real Techniques eyeshadow brush once again.

And then i might’ve used that bottom gold colour but uh i don’t think i did.


This whole time i was doing my eyeshadow with pieces of tape at the sides of my eyes to 1. keep this look neat and 2. to add a sharp edge.


I then went onto using my Benefit Roller Lash mascara and coated my top and bottom lashes. And also added that true copper and plum colour under my bottom lashes.

And yes that is the completed look! Tell me in the comments if you have created something similar yourself or if you will pick up this palette!

Caitlin xo


Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation and Concealer | CaiitlinMaree

Hey There!

So in this mornings blog post i am going to be doing a review on the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous fresh complexion oil free foundation (i have the shade 105 ivory). The Concealer is also called Ready Set Gorgeous concealer in the shade pale/ light.

The foundation is not great at all if you have dry skin i have dry skin in parts around my forehead and it really sticks to them. If you have oily to normal skin it would be great for you!


I wanted to just point out that the foundation is pink toned under some likes and yellow under others. But if it’s pink compared to your skin tone then add a tinted powder (it’ll fix it completely!). I also want to say that the foundation (105) is actually pretty dark for being ‘fair’. The concealer though is so brightening! Most likely because i got the lightest shade XD.

Also i just wanted to point out that the foundation is in a squeeze tube and the concealer comes with a duo-foot applicator. Before i end this blog post i just wanted to say my overall opinion on the foundation and concealer. I wouldn’t reccomend picking the foundation up, it’s just not a favourite of mine. But the concealer is wonderful! has amazing coverage and is so brightening (if you buy the shade i got) XD.

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask me in the comments! x

See you in my next blog post! 

Caitlin xo