To summarise my year and how i’ve been, here’s a paragraph about 2017, and how horrible it was for me personally xo

”2017, what a horrendous year… I was sick for most of the year, with low levels in everything, my anxiety turned extreme and uncontrollable, I was depressed yet again for a good portion of the year, friends back stabbed me and my mum was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. If you were by my side, you know I’d leave school everyday at 12:00pm because I couldn’t handle being there, it literally would make me have a full on panic attack where I would near end up fainting. A special thanks to Rachel, Bella, Zoe, Josh and Bethany 💕

I’m so glad to leave 2017 behind… and on a happy note. In November everything changed. I found my true friends, those who didn’t judge me for my mental health issues and those who were determined to help and stand by me. I’m so grateful for all of you, you all know who you are! I also met the most wonderful person… without even knowing, you helped me so much. I’ve told you in person what exactly you helped me get through, I do not feel like sharing that with the rest of you because it is something very serious and the last thing I want is for someone to become triggered. And last but not least, I was able push past my comfort zones that my anxiety created with the help of those who truly cared. Thank you all so much! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!👏🏻

I am starting my youtube channel Caitlin Maree up again for good. I will no longer be uploading to a restricted theme for my channel. I will not just be doing beauty/ makeup. (I have decided, that since the beauty community has so much pressure, and people expect you-tubers to be and act a certain way), I will also branch off into story time videos and rant. Because, quite frankly, when i use to do just beauty videos. It would take/ be recording for a total of 1 hour – 2 hours and i would have to edit all of that down to under 15 or so minutes due to the amount of time subscribers use to watch videos. Whereas, i feel as though with story time videos, being dramatic and talkative is allowed. The beauty community has flipped and i feel as though there are unfortunately not too many original beauty gurus anymore. I personally love Nikkie Tutorials, Tati, Shaaanxo, Zoella, Shani Grimmond, Michael Finch, but besides them and a few others; there’s no one now.

I hope you enjoy the changes, i also will post at least a week on here with advice / quotes. I actually made a poetry account on Instagram which is; @catquoted. So if you would like to check out my account, feel free to do so, I post new quotes/ poetry everyday consistently and thoroughly enjoy it. Everything is original, so please give credit and tag me. xo