I’ve Realised A Few Things

Hey There!

I’ve realised a few things in these last few days.

I seem to blog a lot about life issues, struggles and life.

I seem to want to put out a positive vibe into the world, in my own way. Not donating to my schools multiple charities which gives money to people to buy pigs or have enough utensils for school. I can’t really afford to give my money away. My mum doesn’t agree with giving it away either, if you need it keep it, money lets you live and have choices.

But, i seem to want to make people realise certain things or rant and let people know about how to handle things. I don’t know how to explain it

Or maybe i just like rant about nonsense.

My anxiety post actually got 16 likes which is amazing! So i wanted to also say thank you!

This is how i’m going to go about my blog from now on!

Every second day: Posts about life eg. anxiety, book reviews (unlikely, but possible), stress, bullying etc.

Every other day: Makeup (and any other related content), Lush posts or beauty

It’s really hard to have a day with great lighting and have school work and study along with outside school checkups and personal problems. So i will only post beauty posts around 3-4 times each week. I only post beauty/ makeup photos that i love, so, i currently have a ton of pictures i could post but i decide not to because i don’t like them and they don’t seem to catch my eye or go with the theme of my blog or Instagram etc.

Thanks for your understanding xx

email me on caitlinmareebusiness@gmail.com for any enquiries!

EDIT: Also my Instagram links aren’t working and i’m not too sure about my youtube link either, but i’ll try to fix it this weekend. If you do happen to want to check out any of my pages just ask below and i’ll happily give you the username xx


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