Anxiety – How I ”Deal” With Anxiety: If You Want To Talk

Hey Guys!

So i’m going to start a Anxiety/ if you want to talk to me series. At the end of this post, if you’re wanting to talk to me, comment below and tell me you’ve emailed me on . I will delete your comment so no one knows about your identity and if you’ve emailed me, I just want you to comment so I can get a reference/ I know that I need to check my emails straight away.

In todays post i’ll be talking about ”Anxiety”. Everyone will have Anxiety in some point within their life. But, as my Therapist says, ”Anxiety is essential to human life, you can’t live without anxiety”. I’ve only seen her once but i’ve learnt so much already. Anxiety drives us everyday, it helps us to make choices and decisions that impact on what we do. This kind of Anxiety is normal and is not diagnosed because it’s not serious. Let me tell you, if you’re experiencing physical effects from anxiety go see a therapist! I experience physical effects from anxiety everyday. I feel light headed or dizzy (but i haven’t for two weeks this Friday, yay) i get hot/ sweaty (still happening), i get numb legs and feel like i’ll fall over (happens whenever i walk/ still happening), racing heart, twitching muscles (i have this everyday at random times) and lastly; everyday i question, ”am i alive, is this real, how am i walking, am i dreaming – is my whole life a dream in my head, is this real- is this real- is this real- is this real?!??!

This is me asking you, how do i stop this!? I can’t literally go an even 1 hour without thinking am i alive is this real, and repeating that over and over and over agin and again! It really annoys me too because i know it’ll stop and go away eventually but i just don’t know when. I’ve talked to my mum about this and she actually went through THE SAME THING as me now, (but that was back when she was pregnant with me). I asked her how did she get rid of the thought, and all she said was, ”it just went away. I kept myself busy so i wouldn’t think about it and after some time the thought went away”. Obviously, this isn’t much help and because of my Anxiety and being a single child, i literally wouldn’t be able to sit down at all if i tried this.

Now i’m going to be giving tips on how to deal with the situation.

Tips: Physical 

Dizzyness/ feeling hot

  • If you get dizzy, get out of there. It’s best to be in environment where you feel calmer and are comfortable. Now it’s hard if you’re at work or school, but, i have tips for that too.
  • If you’re at work or school, ask another team member or student to take over for a bit or take notes for you, go to the back room (toilet or sick bay at school), hop on your phone and text someone saying you feel dizzy, now this will only work of you have a team member and if that member actually cares, (some people won’t give two sh***, and this can be hard). Texting a friend that you feel unwell gives you a feeling of… eh, i’m not sure how to describe it…. assurance? But having someone know that I’m not feeling well seems to settle me down.
  • Drink water, for some this could make you feel worse, for myself it seems to help. Take small sips and not gulps, sips are slower where as gulps are faster and will increase your heart rate.
  • Go for a walk, fresh oxygen is important and so is exercise, this will stimulate your red blood cells and produce more oxygen to your brain and body, just make sure to take someone with you incase you faint.
  • Stay under air-con or have a fan pointed at you, sometimes panic attacks can be caused by the heat, so cooling yourself down will prevent the attack processing further.

Twitching Muscles

  • Have a rest, resting your muscles for a bit can ease the twitching.
  • Wheat bag/ heat pack, when you have cramps a heat bag is that miracle worker, this also works for muscles too!

Numb legs/ parts of your body

  • Tell yourself everything will be ok, theres nothing you can really do for this apart from reassuring yourself that once you’ve finished what you have to do you can rest.

Racing Heart

  • Calm yourself, this is hard especially if your panicking about the situation. Take deep breaths and count to 2 each time eg. breath in 1,2 breath out 1,2.
  • Close your eyes and put your hands to your heart, for me this works but for some i imagine that this could make the situation worse.

Now thats only physical effects, so as seen there is a lot to anxiety and for a non-professional aka myself, it’s hard to make sure what you’re saying is correct, i know for some, these things might work and for others it won’t, like I said, i’m not a professional and i cannot declare if you do have serious Anxiety. Also depending on what your experiencing i might be able to give more ideas on how to deal with the physical effects ❤

Tips: Mental 

Now i’m generalising this because there are so many thoughts one can think of.

  • Take deep breathes 
  • Concentrate on one object for 1-2 minutes, (lose focus, focus on a physical object)
  • Keep going, push yourself! It’s so hard i know, of all people i would know, but at the end of the day knowing you gave it your all and pushed through means that you can keep doing that and being successful if you put your mind to it.
  • Distract yourself by talking to friends, having people talk to you can help, just tell them if you’ve had enough and would like them to be quite after awhile.
  • One day at a time, don’t think overly of the future, focus on today and now.
  • Don’t say ”if”, saying words like ”should, have to, need to, ought to, must” are all negative words, replace these words with ”want, love, i think i should” more positive words, this can really change your mindset.

Guys that’s all i have for today. I’ve been typing for an hour and a half putting my heart and soul into this post for those who are in need of it, if there is anything you want me to add please tell me below xx For the sake of spreading positivity around and showing girls don’t wear makeup to impress others heres like the only picture i have of myself without makeup (how sad… this is from May last year).


I just need to learn to take my own advice and get through my Anxiety…

”If you want to talk, don’t be afraid to ask questions below or send me an email”

I always have time for you


2 thoughts on “Anxiety – How I ”Deal” With Anxiety: If You Want To Talk

  1. Totally get almost everything you’ve said. The whole questioning reality thing was a massive struggle for me at the height of my anxiety so it’s comforting to know I wasn’t alone with that – even though I wouldn’t wish anxiety on anyone!

    It is the whole questioning everything and going over and over things in your head that really takes its toll. Panic attacks can be utterly terrifying until you understand them better too.

    Thanks for sharing and if you ever need anyone to talk to as well then you can count on me:


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