Essence Multi-Action Volume Mascara Dupe For Roller lash?

Hey There!

In todays blog post i’m going to be talking about the Essence Multi-Action Volume Mascara and Benefits Roller lash! I wanted to talk about these mascaras because they are both my current favourites at the moment. BUT also because they look exactly the same! They don’t really have the same formula but the have the same look, though… the Essence one creates a more natural look whilst Roller lash makes more a ‘spidery’ look.


First off I just want to mention that i put it to the test to 2 of my great friends of picking what eye is highend or from the chemist (drugstore). Both friends had said that actually the drugstore eye looked better and more highnend! And thought it appeared to be better.

I want you guys to pick which eye you think is ‘Highend’ and which one is ‘Drugstore’

Top or Bottom?



I will tell you guys what is what at the end of the BlogPost (don’t skip ahead! <3)

So let’s firstly start of with the Essence (chemist/ drugstore) mascara!


So this is what the Essence wand looks like, i feel that which tiny bristles and there being a lot of them, it helps to separate the lashes a lot and create the more natural look!


Now for RollerLash! I feel like any curved brush will pack on mascara in ways i don’t like how much it puts on as sometimes i feel like it’s just too much, but most of the time i think it’s fine. They lasting power of this mascara is nearly endless i say it lasts 9 hours before even flaking just a tiny bit. As for the price because it is a HighEnd mascara it’s going to be pricey, it is $40 AUS dollars. Super expensive i know! As i said before about how quick this dries, it basically dries instantly, so if you’re one to do their bottom lashes and you look up a but you aren’t going to be mascara over your pretty eyeshadow or lid!

So that comes to the end of this blogpost! I hope you all did like my sort of 1vs1 mascara review! BUT no i haven’t forgotten about the eye pictures. If you picked the top eye for being the highnend mascara you are correct! The bottom eye has the Essence mascara, and the top eye has the Benefit mascara!

Caitlin xo


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