Maybelline NewYork Browsatin Review | CaiitlinMaree

Hey There!

In todays blog post I’m going to be doing yet another review and this time it’s a Maybelline NewYork product! ❤ It is the Browsatin pencil.

Basically all you do it you take the side with the pencil type wax and draw on your brows to define your shape then you go in with the powder/ satin and go over the top.


Now for the Cons and Pros:


– The lighter you press the lighter the colour will be/ the harder you press the harsher it’ll be.

– Comes 3 shades: Dark blonde, Medium brown, Dark brown (I’m medium).

– The pencil wax has very good precision.

– Looks pretty natural.


– The powder/ satin can get messy on your brows.

– Can get pricy depending on where you get it <3.

So that is the end of this Blog Post short n sweet! ❤

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments!

Caitlin xo


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