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Hey There!

In todays blog post I’m going to be talking about the products shown below including the bag ;). All the products i’m about to talk about are the products i would bring along with me when ever i was going out. Obviously switching products around though (meaning different what ever i’m wearing that day).


Blusher: So you see that heart blush? That is the Too Faced Love Flush blush in the shade I Will Always Love You. It is the blush i use on a regular bases that keeps my cheeks looking ‘flushed’. It is very soft (yet pigmented) and in general just lovely.

Gloss: The gloss in the picture is the Tanya Burr lipgloss in the shade Daydream (this packaging is the packaging that the glosses had when she first released them, they have been updated since). This shade is practically clear but it also looks like it has a little bit of a nude-ish colour to it. The gloss also isn’t sticky and gross.

Highlighter: The highlighter shown is the Revlon highlighter brick in the shade 020 Rose Glow. Now i don’t think it’s worth $22 odd AUS dollars but it’s pretty. It gives a nice pink shimmer (this highlighter also has chunky glitter in it but not much).

Lipstick: The lipstick shown in the picture is the Clinique Pop lipstick in the shade Melon Pop. This lipstick ‘supposedly’ has a primer in it… but i don’t think it lasts any longer then a normal lipstick. The shade is the perfect coral colour for Spring and Summer!

No Oil Stick: Now that isn’t the proper name for it but i call it that XD. So this product is from Benefit and basically what it does is prevent oil from coming through your makeup. You apply this after primer, but you can also apply it over powder during the day for touch ups.

Mascara: The mascara in this post is the Maybelline New York in the Lash Sensational mascara. It is a very voluminous mascara but also gives a little length.

Powder: This is from Benefit again (i adore Benefit). And basically is a powder that helps with oily skin making access oil not shine through your beautiful makeup.

Perfume: These are some small miniatures of some Marc Jacobs perfumes. Little perfumes like this are perfect for your bag as they have a no spill type of opening.

The Bag!: So on Instagram whenever i post a picture of my bag i get so many questions as to where it’s from. My bag is from Colette which is a jewellery and bag/ purse shop. If you live in Australia you can order online and in stores (they are also across the world). You can’t see it well in this picture but i’ll post in the future a better picture of it <3.

           So that is the end of blog post. Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask a question

See you in my next Blog Post x

Caitlin xo


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