Feeling Better

Hey There!

So today i would say i felt as good as great! Which is not what i’ve been use to haha!I’m honestly so happy that my anxiety didn’t play up today and i overall was calm. Whenever i see my therapist the next week seems to be the best i feel.

I will say though that towards the end of the day, i started to feel uneasy, but overall not bad. Basically, i kept telling myself to expand the comfort zone and reach out and remember to breath out then in.

Yesterday, my therapist also said that it’s better to breath out first then in, this is because your lungs will relax first and breath in new air rather then try and squeeze in the and and breath out. Breath out, then you will feel more relaxed. Imagine the meter bar expanding. 

Also today i had my last test and handed in my last assignment! WHOO school term is nearly over! The assignment was so cringe because it was a informative, skit to do with scams… uh, so cringe! I literally was like crying of laughter, nervousness and hiding under the desk haha! (lil’ immature i know but anyway..)

If you’re a beauty lover, stay tuned in because during this coming weekend i’ll be posting some beauty pictures! I’m sorry to those who prefer beauty over my health posts, heh, but both things are important to me ❤

Also i want to do a Q&A within the next week so please ask some questions. It can be about beauty, youtube, anxiety – anything!

If you want to talk email me at caitlinmareebusiness@gmail.com

-Caitlin ❤

I’ve Realised A Few Things

Hey There!

I’ve realised a few things in these last few days.

I seem to blog a lot about life issues, struggles and life.

I seem to want to put out a positive vibe into the world, in my own way. Not donating to my schools multiple charities which gives money to people to buy pigs or have enough utensils for school. I can’t really afford to give my money away. My mum doesn’t agree with giving it away either, if you need it keep it, money lets you live and have choices.

But, i seem to want to make people realise certain things or rant and let people know about how to handle things. I don’t know how to explain it

Or maybe i just like rant about nonsense.

My anxiety post actually got 16 likes which is amazing! So i wanted to also say thank you!

This is how i’m going to go about my blog from now on!

Every second day: Posts about life eg. anxiety, book reviews (unlikely, but possible), stress, bullying etc.

Every other day: Makeup (and any other related content), Lush posts or beauty

It’s really hard to have a day with great lighting and have school work and study along with outside school checkups and personal problems. So i will only post beauty posts around 3-4 times each week. I only post beauty/ makeup photos that i love, so, i currently have a ton of pictures i could post but i decide not to because i don’t like them and they don’t seem to catch my eye or go with the theme of my blog or Instagram etc.

Thanks for your understanding xx

email me on caitlinmareebusiness@gmail.com for any enquiries!

EDIT: Also my Instagram links aren’t working and i’m not too sure about my youtube link either, but i’ll try to fix it this weekend. If you do happen to want to check out any of my pages just ask below and i’ll happily give you the username xx

Anxiety – How I ”Deal” With Anxiety: If You Want To Talk

Hey Guys!

So i’m going to start a Anxiety/ if you want to talk to me series. At the end of this post, if you’re wanting to talk to me, comment below and tell me you’ve emailed me on caitlinmareebusiness@gmail.com . I will delete your comment so no one knows about your identity and if you’ve emailed me, I just want you to comment so I can get a reference/ I know that I need to check my emails straight away.

In todays post i’ll be talking about ”Anxiety”. Everyone will have Anxiety in some point within their life. But, as my Therapist says, ”Anxiety is essential to human life, you can’t live without anxiety”. I’ve only seen her once but i’ve learnt so much already. Anxiety drives us everyday, it helps us to make choices and decisions that impact on what we do. This kind of Anxiety is normal and is not diagnosed because it’s not serious. Let me tell you, if you’re experiencing physical effects from anxiety go see a therapist! I experience physical effects from anxiety everyday. I feel light headed or dizzy (but i haven’t for two weeks this Friday, yay) i get hot/ sweaty (still happening), i get numb legs and feel like i’ll fall over (happens whenever i walk/ still happening), racing heart, twitching muscles (i have this everyday at random times) and lastly; everyday i question, ”am i alive, is this real, how am i walking, am i dreaming – is my whole life a dream in my head, is this real- is this real- is this real- is this real?!??!

This is me asking you, how do i stop this!? I can’t literally go an even 1 hour without thinking am i alive is this real, and repeating that over and over and over agin and again! It really annoys me too because i know it’ll stop and go away eventually but i just don’t know when. I’ve talked to my mum about this and she actually went through THE SAME THING as me now, (but that was back when she was pregnant with me). I asked her how did she get rid of the thought, and all she said was, ”it just went away. I kept myself busy so i wouldn’t think about it and after some time the thought went away”. Obviously, this isn’t much help and because of my Anxiety and being a single child, i literally wouldn’t be able to sit down at all if i tried this.

Now i’m going to be giving tips on how to deal with the situation.

Tips: Physical 

Dizzyness/ feeling hot

  • If you get dizzy, get out of there. It’s best to be in environment where you feel calmer and are comfortable. Now it’s hard if you’re at work or school, but, i have tips for that too.
  • If you’re at work or school, ask another team member or student to take over for a bit or take notes for you, go to the back room (toilet or sick bay at school), hop on your phone and text someone saying you feel dizzy, now this will only work of you have a team member and if that member actually cares, (some people won’t give two sh***, and this can be hard). Texting a friend that you feel unwell gives you a feeling of… eh, i’m not sure how to describe it…. assurance? But having someone know that I’m not feeling well seems to settle me down.
  • Drink water, for some this could make you feel worse, for myself it seems to help. Take small sips and not gulps, sips are slower where as gulps are faster and will increase your heart rate.
  • Go for a walk, fresh oxygen is important and so is exercise, this will stimulate your red blood cells and produce more oxygen to your brain and body, just make sure to take someone with you incase you faint.
  • Stay under air-con or have a fan pointed at you, sometimes panic attacks can be caused by the heat, so cooling yourself down will prevent the attack processing further.

Twitching Muscles

  • Have a rest, resting your muscles for a bit can ease the twitching.
  • Wheat bag/ heat pack, when you have cramps a heat bag is that miracle worker, this also works for muscles too!

Numb legs/ parts of your body

  • Tell yourself everything will be ok, theres nothing you can really do for this apart from reassuring yourself that once you’ve finished what you have to do you can rest.

Racing Heart

  • Calm yourself, this is hard especially if your panicking about the situation. Take deep breaths and count to 2 each time eg. breath in 1,2 breath out 1,2.
  • Close your eyes and put your hands to your heart, for me this works but for some i imagine that this could make the situation worse.

Now thats only physical effects, so as seen there is a lot to anxiety and for a non-professional aka myself, it’s hard to make sure what you’re saying is correct, i know for some, these things might work and for others it won’t, like I said, i’m not a professional and i cannot declare if you do have serious Anxiety. Also depending on what your experiencing i might be able to give more ideas on how to deal with the physical effects ❤

Tips: Mental 

Now i’m generalising this because there are so many thoughts one can think of.

  • Take deep breathes 
  • Concentrate on one object for 1-2 minutes, (lose focus, focus on a physical object)
  • Keep going, push yourself! It’s so hard i know, of all people i would know, but at the end of the day knowing you gave it your all and pushed through means that you can keep doing that and being successful if you put your mind to it.
  • Distract yourself by talking to friends, having people talk to you can help, just tell them if you’ve had enough and would like them to be quite after awhile.
  • One day at a time, don’t think overly of the future, focus on today and now.
  • Don’t say ”if”, saying words like ”should, have to, need to, ought to, must” are all negative words, replace these words with ”want, love, i think i should” more positive words, this can really change your mindset.

Guys that’s all i have for today. I’ve been typing for an hour and a half putting my heart and soul into this post for those who are in need of it, if there is anything you want me to add please tell me below xx For the sake of spreading positivity around and showing girls don’t wear makeup to impress others heres like the only picture i have of myself without makeup (how sad… this is from May last year).


I just need to learn to take my own advice and get through my Anxiety…

”If you want to talk, don’t be afraid to ask questions below or send me an email”

I always have time for you

Mecca Maxima // Beauty Loop Birthday Gift

Hey guys! 

During the early hours (7am) of Tuesday morning i placed an order to Mecca Maxima and ordered two things.

Products Bought:

  1. Urban Decay, AfterDark eyeshadow palette
  2. SmashBox, Photo-Finish lid primer


Both of which i’ll do a review on in the next few days. So if you’re thinking about buying those products, it’ll be a perfect opportunity for you to learn a thing or two.

Sadly today, i will be talking about something a little less exciting, yet, still pretty cool. I’m currently on level 2 of the Mecca Maxima Beauty Loop. Basically this means that i spend $600-$1199 every year at Mecca to be able to be on level 2. Level 3 is the next level i will move onto but only if i spend over $1200 each year, and i don’t know if i’ll get that far, maybe when i’m older but definitely not at this age. I need to spend $511 by the 15/4/17 and obviously that being a month away is not going to happen. But, if i spend $384 by the 15/11/17 i’ll stay in level 2, which will probably happen, but again a healthy finance is important. Anyway, so you might wonder, how does this all related to the Mecca Birthday Gift? If i was you, i’d be thinking that too. Basically, what happens is, if you’re on level 2 or 3 you’ll be sent a gift when you next order online (within the next month or two, i believe). Now you can’t pick the gift and everyone gets the same present so, if you’re on level 2 you’ll recieve a ”Mecca Cosmetica, hand wash”. Whoop de do hey? Yeah, nah, i thought so too… So i wasn’t too happy with the item they give you like, why not give you a full sized lipstick or something? After all, you did spend over $600 to get to level 2, or at least, you should be able to pick your gift yourself. The hand wash also isn’t available online, so if you do so happen to fall in love with it, you can’t repurchase it. It also has a 12 month expiration date, so you should be using this hand wash up within 12 months, (supposedly). Another thing to point out, there is 400ml (13.52 Oz), so, it’s quite a generous amount.



Beauty Loop Level Two Birthday Gift: Bottle & Packaging



Beauty Loop Level Two Birthday Gift: Description


The colour of the soap is a light yellow, the standard hand-wash colour from your supermarket, (wish it was blue or pink, or just tinted a nice colour). There are also a bunch of gorgeous smelling and natural ingredients in it, (i’m presuming that’s why the colour isn’t appealing, unfortunately there is chemicals in it so it’s not up to my Lush standards but it is not tested on animals!). Though, the scent is unbelievable! It’s so fresh and flowery, uh, it’s sublime.

Natural Ingredients:

  • Pink grapefruit
  • Oat extracts
  • Apricot Kernel oil
  • Bergamot oil
  • Gardenia extract


Other than that, i’m not sure what to say. There isn’t that much more to say about a hand-wash, apart from mention a few ingredients, mention the smell and what it looks like. And just so you know, no  i haven’t tried it, and i don’t plan to until my two other hand-washes in my bathroom run out, so i can’t say whether or not it makes my fingers and palms feel like a babies bottom. I’m not expecting much, a hand-wash is a hand-wash and it’s job is to makeup your hands smell nice and remove germs, then again, it looks aesthetically pleasing, and would look right at home on a shelf of mine.

Overall, do i like it? Yes, the scent smells like fresh Gardenia’s and also has quite a few nourishing items in it. It looks aesthetically pleasing, (apart from he yellow colouring) and seems to be quite a nice item.


If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to leave a comment. I’ll get back to you as soon as i can.

Caitlin Maree // AKA BeautyBBee


Hey Guys!

Hey there everyone…

So i have been gone again for quite some time and i’m surprised… i actually gained like 7 followers and have been getting views! WHAT!? Thanks so much for being active whilst i’m gone.

I basically decided that i needed a break… not just from the blog, but from my youtube channel, Instagram and here! So i quit social media altogether up until late December and rejoined and made a new Instagram account @Beautybbee so go follow me on there because i’ve been posting so much! Also this account is going to be now aimed at makeup and lifestyle.

It’ll feature makeup (reviews and monthly favourites) and lifestyle as in food and books! I hope you enjoy the change to my blog and continue to support me even whilst i’m gone because you guys have no idea how much i appreciate you! ❤

Colour Hide Sent Me a Package! (Review/ Haul)

Hi There!

So yesterday, really early in the morning, the post man came a delivered me a package from Colour Hide. I was super excited to open this package as i knew they would be sending me highlighters… i was in desperate need of some! Luckily, they arrived at the perfect time! Just as all my school was had run out. So now i have 6 new awesome highlighters. Basically, the way i’ll be reviewing them is

  1. Quality
  2. Colour
  3. Ergonomics

For the notebooks they sent me, there’s not much to say about them apart from the quality.

For the highlighters, firstly I’m going to say i can’t fault them at all! They quality of them is the best I’ve tried! They are said to have ”German technology” which means that they shine brighter, now i see no shine but i will say that they are very bright! On the back of the highlighters packaging it say ”4 hours of anti-dry cap off time”. Now, i haven’t tried this and i don’t really want to but, I’m going to take their word for it. The colours that come within the six pack are, pink, blue, peach (my favourite), yellow, orange and green. All of the colours are very bright and… pigmented if that’s the word? They colours don’t bleed through any paper (i’ve tried multiple notebooks and not just the Colour Hide brand). Because of this, i don’t have to worry about whats on the other side of the paper anymore, (i use to have to check because my other highlighters were really bad quality ugh!). The last point i want to mention is ergonomics. Unlike other highlighters, these ones have are curving continuously. Know, i’ve had thick brick highlighters and thin as ones so these brightly coloured, awesome patterned highlighters seem like luxury to me.


As for the notebooks, the paper is strong and thick (which i like) and i don’t mean as in thick width wise but they aren’t shear like other books i own. Each page has its own perforated section, which makes it easy to rip out if need be and the patterns on the front as so super cute and trendy!

That pretty much wraps this up, or should i say thats the end of another chapter or thats the last line this page will be receiving, hahahheee uhhh, anyway.

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments below! 

– Caitlin Maree

Christmas Lush Collection 2016 (my thoughts)

Hi There!

Just recently, Lush brought out their Christmas and Halloween products for 2016. Overall, I would have to say my thoughts are kind of the same as last year. I’m a little disappointed by the scent range. Yes, you have you lovely sweet and mint scents and you have a wide a range of fruity scents but, you don’t have many spicy scents. It’s all be overwhelmed but the orange, mandarine and tangerine. I seriously think Lush need to up their game on spicy scents. That’s what makes Christmas at Lush! Within the shower gels, body containers, soaps and other products I think the scents are wonderful and there’s an even amount of great scents, but with the bath bombs and bubble bars, I’m disappointed.

I have screen shot all the products from Lush’s Australian website so i can show you what each product looks like, (by the way, i have bought 18 of the lines products and i might be buying more..). Because Lush (in Australia) has released half of the products at the start of November and will be releasing the other half in the first week of November i haven’t smelt everything, therefore i will not be able to describe the scents. If I can’t describe all the scents I will describe none.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 9.15.02 am.png screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-9-15-07-am





So above are all the products on the website. As for appearances, this year I’m happy to say that i think everything looks more christmas-y. There’s the cute as penguin which was released in 2013-2014 (possibly even further back), you have several magic wands, a dinosaur with a santa’s hat! A present, angel, pudding and a reindeer on a soap! With this there is even more great looking goodies!

Overall, Lush this year has been pretty good! Let me know if you’ve bought and tried anything, (i’ve nearly bought all the bath products/ i will be buying the 4 i don’t have at the moment).

Don’t be afraid to ask any question in the comments!

– Caitlin Maree xo